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Lesson 1 Homework Practice Volume Of Cylinders

The course covers chapters 13, 15, 16, and 17 from the textbook. It is your responsibility to understand and learn this material. The instructor's job is to guide you in your learning. The purpose of the lecture is to discuss and illustrate the main ideas and answer your questions.Therefore I strongly recommend that you read the sections to be covered in class before the lecture.Try to isolate what you do not understand and be prepared to ask questions during the lecture.Do not hesitate to ask and discuss, this is necessary for your progress in learning.It is your advantage and responsibility to attend the lecture.I will keep records of your attendance and expect a reasonable excuse for each class you miss.HomeworkIn general one can not really understand an abstract concept without relating it to a series concrete examples.This is the purpose of the homework problems which I will assign for each lecture in the course schedule.Because of the abstract nature of mathematics, the importance of working on these problems can not be over emphasized.The assigned homework only represents the minimum necessary to follow the class. I strongly suggest you to work out as many exercises from the textbook as possible. You are welcome and encouraged to discuss the homework problems with each other.However you should turn in your own individual work.Copied or reproduced work, both copy and original, will not be accepted.Take the opportunity to practice and improve your ability of clear presentation, you will profit from this in your future professional life.Illegible or incomprehensible work can not be given credit.The homework is due at the beginning of the class meeting on Wednesday or of the following class meeting in case Wednesday is a holiday.Late submissions will not be accepted.Please hand in your homework as a single stapled stack of ordered pages with your name on the front page.Your homework will be checked for completeness and several problems will be selected for detailed grading. Your 3 lowest homework scores will not count for your final grade.The statistics section shows your homework performance.

Lesson 1 Homework Practice Volume Of Cylinders


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