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How did it all start ?

Pantelis Krestas is a first generation Australian musician of Greek descent who plays the string instrument called Bouzouki. Krestas has been involved in the Greek Music industry for over 20 years, here in Australia, and abroad. Krestas has performed in a variety events, such as supporting International acts on stage, composing and performing in live Theatre productions, playing in wedding bands for Local acts (Australia), and playing Bouzouki for Recording artists. He has also toured with bands internationally.


In 2016, after Studying at Melbourne Polytechnic Krestas decided to become a full time musician and teacher of Bouzouki in Melbourne, Australia.


In 2020, Pantelis released his first EP titled, “NK compositions”. The EP was a studio recording of the theatre compositions that he composed and performed in 2016, referred to earlier.

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